Our primary goal is to introduce new opportunities that allows all the Premium, Mid-range and Small sized Publishers to grow and optimize their revenue by using our machine learning, innovative and Impact-full ads formats.

We aim not to waste any single impression that flows through down our ad stream, which almost eliminates the threat of Unsold and remnant inventory.

Sharp Optimization Team

CPMSamurai believes that there is always a room for betterment. To fullfil this claim, we have an in-house optimization team, which has a primary goal to perfectify the ad placements and performance until it creates the most impactful appeal for user viewbilty, ultimately resulting in maximizing the revenue

Ad Quality

Surely the one thing which will always be at our prioirty. We do not ever compromise on the quality of Ad served from our platform. CPMSamurai guarantees zero miscellaneous Pop Unders and hidden downloads.

Header Bidding

Sell your valuable inventory to the world's renowned buyers and let them bid for you while you drive out the best revenue from your ads.


Dedicated Account Manager

We have friendly editors that are designated as Account Managers. Their duties include manging your portfolio to acheive long term success. The core of this depatment is to develop positive relationships with exisiting potential publishers.

Multi-functional Dashboard

Always keep up to dated with the daily statistics of your ads to gain the information of regular ad serving. From e-CPM to regional coverage and per ad unit performance, all you need to know is one click away from that.

Efficient Content

We have a huge respect for all your user engaging content, that is the reason we truly teach our Ads never to overlay or disturb your content so it does not create a negative impact on your user engagement.

Frequently ask Questions

We give 80% commission to Publishers and the remaining 20% is the figure we charge.
We are a Google AdX reseller along with other Direct/Contextual demand.
Yes we can monitize your inventory through other Direct SSP's.
Unfortunately not, but we do provide In-Text Video Ad which appears responsively in between the article.
We can pay through PayPal, Payoneer and Wire transfer.


Device responsive Static banners with the most popular demand and the most reliable unit sizes. Includes 728x90 , 300x250, 300x200, 336x280, 970x250, 300x600, 480x60 and much more.

Video AD Formats

Video ads have become the best digital ads in terms of profit generator, but here at CPMSamurai it is more than just a revenue driving module. While keeping the importance of neat and tidy content, we have announced two of the most smooth Video formats, which will be drawing attention of users, resulting in effective viewbility in the mean time you drive revenue.